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Hermit crabs, sheep...and gifts for all - the story of Tippecanoe!  

By Roz Skinner 

Something to make you smile, something to give to a friend, something to treat yourself or something to remember your Isle of Skye holiday... 

You can find all that and so much more in Tippecanoe, the gift shop and gallery in Wentworth Street, Portree. 

Owner Pauline Murray keeps her shop stocked with all manner of souvenirs, gifts, art work, books, greetings cards and ornaments – including a quirky hermit crab called Henry! 

Pauline laughs as she describes her crab, saying: "I first got them in stock five or six years ago.  When they arrived, an elderly lady wanted to know what on earth they were! But they flew off the shelves!  I love to provide a fun range of products that make people smile." 

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Find the artist inside you with Diana and Alan's lochside 'hideaway'  

By Roz Skinner  

The phrase "artistic safari" seems apt when describing No. 10 Borreraig Park, a luxury self-catering wing attached to the home of artist, Diana Mackie, and musician, Alan Cleobury-Jones. 

No 10 frequently attracts a variety of creatives looking for peaceful surroundings in which to compose, paint, write or simply relax.  "People read online that I am a musician and they know that we won't worry about people who want to scream and shout and play loudly," Alan reveals.  Alan, who is part of local band, The Fulltones, offers his guests the chance to have a drumming lesson as part of their holiday experience. 

The recent addition of a beach hide, means visitors can find a perfect place to escape and embrace their creativity.  Says Diana: "It's always been our dream to have somewhere on the beach where people can go with their bottles, guitar, books and slippers and enjoy the outside without going outside!"

The hide, which boasts a roaring stove, comfortable furniture and awe-inspiring views, is ideally-located for wildlife watching. Otters, muntjac deer, whales, dolphins and herons have all been spotted by Diana and Alan's guests. 

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Ian Williams…artist and survivor!

By Roz Skinner


Visitors meeting artist, writer and gallery-owner Ian Williams again this year may notice little change – but actually they are lucky to be able to meet him at all after an incident in Croatia last year.

Enthusiastic cyclist Ian, who owns Waternish-based Brae Fasach Gallery and Cafe, explains: “We were on a boat and cycle holiday in September 2016.  The boat dropped us off at one end of the island and then we would cycle to the other end and rejoin the boat.  We had a great time, as the scenery was outstanding.”

He was in the lead of their group, on the fourth day of the trip.  “All I can remember is that I was cycling in the lead, probably around 30 seconds from the end of the ride.  We were approaching a village.” 

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Duncan Currie…artist and angler

For artist, Duncan Currie, painting and fishing have always gone hand in hand.  Sitting in the peaceful Skye surroundings enables Duncan to charge his creative batteries and find inspiration from the constantly changing landscape. (writes Roz Skinner who also took the photographs)

“It feel like an interaction with Nature," Duncan explains.  "I lose all sense of time when I am painting and fishing. They are both ways of experiencing a total immersion in the wild environment and natural landscape."

The ever-changing Skye light means that Duncan can paint a scene many times and always produce something different.  He says: “Some viewpoints become almost like a project for me, such as the one looking across Loch Slapin to Blaven.  Capturing it during different seasons and times of day means the view is familiar, but never the same.  Going out to the trout lochs really helps, as I see continuously varying foregrounds and that keeps my work interesting.”

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How kingfisher sighting inspired life as wildlife photographer

When wildlife photographer, Stewart Dawber, was 16, something happened that changed the course of his life  (writes Roz Skinner).
He explains: “I saw a kingfisher on the river near to where I lived and that was me hooked on wildlife.”
Stewart was keen to photograph the bird.  His father gave him a camera for his birthday and that gift ignited in Stewart a passion for wildlife photography.
That enthusiasm led Stewart to earn a HND in photography and a BA(Hons) in wildlife photography.  His love of kingfishers has remained!
Stewart now lives and works in the Isle of Skye, running his company, Skye High Wildlife.  As well as being a professional wildlife photographer, Stewart assists people who would like to see the diverse and beautiful range of wildlife on and around Skye.

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