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Takeaway adds outside flavours to the Café Sia menu

By Roz Skinner

There's something special about sitting in a restaurant and watching your food being prepared.  At Cafe Sia, part of the dining experience is being able to see your pizzas disappear into the mouth of a wood-fired oven and emerge as bubbling circles of edible delight.

Since opening three years ago, Broadford based Cafe Sia has been supplying customers with the option to sit in or order a takeaway pizza – and 2017 will see the takeaway option expand with the addition of a dedicated takeaway area.

Complete with its own kitchen and oven, the new takeaway area is set to the left of the main entrance and will help keep the restaurant space streamlined.  Tom Eveling, Cafe Sia's owner, says: "During our first summer, we realised we would need to add a takeaway extension.  A backlog of takeaway orders can cause congestion in the kitchen, but the new dedicated takeaway area solves that."

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Broad views of sky and sea…

By Roz Skinner

What normally attracts you to a hotel?  Vanessa McPhail, co-owner of Broadford's Hebridean Hotel, says that guests often come to her for quite an unusual reason – the view from their car park!

"Our car park is one of the few places in Broadford where you can park near the water," she explains.  "We have even seen otters visit the car park!

“We also get beautiful sunsets that streak across the Cuillins and sometimes we see shooting stars or the Aurora Borealis. "  Sea views are also available from part of the dining area and many of the rooms.

Vanessa, who has been holidaying on the island since she was five years old, took over the Hebridean Hotel in 2013.  Along with her husband, Geoff, they run a cosy, family-orientated hotel.

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Ferries, birds and whales…with Brigadoon!


By Roz Skinner

Have you ever missed a ferry to Raasay, fancied getting up close to sea eagles or thought about having your wedding on the open water?

Peter Urquhart, owner of Portree's 'Brigadoon Sea Eagle and Wildlife Boat Trips' has assisted people in all of those situations.

Brigadoon Boat Trips have been a familiar sight at Portree Harbour since 1996.  Peter says: “We were the first boat trip to introduce sea eagle feeding as part of the experience.  We work closely with the RSPB to make the birds' welfare a priority.”  Over the years, the boat trip experience evolved to incorporate fishing trips, photography trips, small functions and private charters.

The Brigadoon has also been on a number of rescue missions, Peter reveals.  “Last year, I made nearly 24 trips to Raasay to rescue people who had missed ferries.  I can often be in the middle of my dinner and then get a phone call to say that someone needs picked up!”

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Holiday memories…created by sharing experiences!

By Roz Skinner

What are your favourite holiday memories?  Swimming in crystal clear waters or pony trekking across moorlands?  Or a day spent mountaineering or skiing?

Matt Harrison, founder of A.C.E. Target Sports, believes the best holiday memories are made through fun activities together.  He says: "When I was a kid, I was lucky enough to be taken on adventurous holidays with my family.  

“I don't remember the hotel or the meals we ate, but I do remember the experiences we had.  When families come to me and experience the various target sports, they go home with amazing memories of the quality time they spent together on their Skye holiday."

A.C.E. Target Sports enables people of all ages to safely learn archery, axe throwing, air rifle and clay shooting and paintball.  Based on Struan Road in Portree, Matt's purpose-built space is open for business all year round and in all weathers!

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How stories hide inside books

By Roz Skinner

The owner of Gilleasbuig Ferguson Rare Books has come to the belief that books contain at least two stories: the one on the printed page and a different, unexpected one.

Gilleasbuig has discovered countless newspaper clippings, engravings, interesting inscriptions and notes concealed in the pages of his various books! 

He says: “I sell a lot of books by Charles Darwin and the scribbled notes by scientists who have challenged his views give a window into the thoughts of people who died many years ago.”

Located next door to Skeabost Country House Hotel, Gilleasbuig operates out of a book-crammed shop in his garden.  The shelves are loaded with Gaelic and Scottish interest books, natural history, music, poetry and place-names, as well as fiction and non-fiction titles – making it a book lover's paradise.

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