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From throat singing to jazz theatre…

By Roz Macaskill

Mongolian throat singers, jazz theatre and traditional music – all and some more will be brought to you this year from SEALL.
SEALL (Skye Events for All) have been entertaining locals and visitors since 1991 with over 1,808 events! Their eclectic range includes opera, traditional music, jazz, comedy and theatre. Over 70 events have been booked for the year-round programme in 2018, many of which will feature in the Skye Festival.

The Skye Festival/Fèis an Eilein will take place between 3 July and 21 August 2018. The line-up includes ceilidhs, opera, jazz, piping and singing.

Duncan MacInnes, the Artistic Director, says the performance he is most looking forward to is that of the Mongolian Anda Union Singers in late May.

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Art aims to mark the pace of history

Two artists presented ideas for a Crofters’ Memorial for Staffin during a week in March 2018 with a showcase of work at Staffin Community Hall.

Since 2014, ATLAS Arts has been working with the Staffin Community Trust/Urras An Taobh Sear and the community to explore what a contemporary memorial that acknowledges the historically significant crofters’ land struggle in the Staffin area could be.

ATLAS Arts is a visual arts organisation dedicated to commissioning contemporary arts, culture, heritage, and education and is based in the Isle of Skye.

In 2017, following an open call for applications, sculptor Henry Castle, based in Windsor, and design collective Lateral North based in Glasgow were selected. Over the last 12 months both have spent several weeks in Skye conducting research.

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The colours of cleanliness

From the edge of the world, the Isle of Skye Soap Company was founded, its aim - to provide hand crafted aromatherapy soap, without colouring and using only the purest essential oils.

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Expanding choice for visitors and Islanders…

By Roz Macaskill

James Robertson says he aims to add something fresh and dynamic to Skye's visitor experience – and with the Isle of Skye Candle Company and Deli Gasta in Broadford, and his recent take over of the Clan Donald restaurant and bar in Armadale, it seems he is succeeding.

Deli Gasta’s recent TripAdvisor reviews include:
"Lovely ambience with great coffee and food."
"Very friendly staff, lovely hot coffee and delicious lemon sponge."
"Best location in Broadford."
"The Old Mill has an excellent atmosphere for the traveller who wants to break the journey."

James transformed the old mill into a unique dining space, which has recently undergone exciting renovations. Since its opening in 2016, the deli has become a popular stop for casual lunch and coffees, with a friendly atmosphere and a dog-welcoming mantra.

James aims to source local ingredients whenever possible. A delicious range of fresh Hebridean seafood, Arran cheese and local baking are all on offer. The deli also caters to pescatarian and vegetarian visitors, with a carefully curated menu of daily specials, sandwiches, soups and home baking.

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Artists live with the unexpected

By Roz Macaskill

It can transcend time and place, evoke memories and emotions, and celebrate life. Renowned painter, Pam Carter, is keenly aware of the power art has over other people - and never fails to be amazed by it.

Pam, who studied at the Glasgow School of Art, exhibits annually at Isle Ornsay. Her paintings of croft lands, glistening beaches and distinctive Hebridean atmosphere capture the ever-changing moods of the islands - and impact the viewer.

Hearing the stories from those who have been affected by Pam's work is poignant, amusing and inspiring. Pam says: "I'm always amazed that my work has been bought to celebrate life, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and to commemorate death. Over the years there have been some paintings and situations that are quite memorable. Some are downright funny and others are very touching."

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