By Roz Macaskill

The lovingly-crafted products from the Isle of Skye Candle Company means you can take a little scented piece of Skye with you, wherever you go.

The company, founded by James Robertson, create all their products from start to finish on Skye, with the heart of their business based in Broadford. Over the last five years popular demand has led to the opening of four other stores on the mainland in Glasgow, Edinburgh, St. Andrews and Inverness.

Their popular Scottish Collection conjures up nostalgic aromas that were created with the island in mind and promise to leave you thinking of Skye long after your holiday has ended.

James says: "Alongside the Scottish Collection sits our classic range of 19 unique fragrances so that, whatever your taste, there's a Skye Candle for you!"

His favourite scent at the moment is Scots Pine, he notes, but says it usually changes with each new creation. These new creations include a festive Spruce & Fir, citrus-infused Grapefruit & Neroli and the introduction of a series of cute miniature candles.

James created the latter when he realised that "some of our larger candles were a bit too big for tourists to take home, so we made wee mini versions for those tight on space!"

James' love for his work is clear in his dedication. He says: "I never switch off! Even when I'm skiing somewhere, I'll be picking up emails on the chair lift. My personal life and work are the same thing - my employees are also my friends."

Even when relaxing in a hotel room away from home, James finds himself getting inspired from the scents and smells in other countries when he discovers "a nice soap or hand cream in a bathroom. Maybe someone will give me something that smells interesting, and I'll analyse the scent and maybe do a variation when I get home."

Does James ever get a chance to relax? He laughs: "If I'm not having a good day, I'll go down and make candles for a few hours. There's nothing more satisfying than actually seeing something from start to finish. It's very therapeutic."

James' commitment alongside his endless energy and enthusiasm means his business is continually moving forwards - with exciting prospects in the future. James reveals that "as well as creating new fragrances and products, we are also aiming to relocate our shop on Skye to make it more accessible. We are hoping to move to fantastic nearby premises - watch this space!"

Meanwhile, whether you want a scented reminder of your trip to Skye or a luxury fragrant candle to light up your room, you can pop into a Skye candles shop or visit