Cutting out new niche for barbershop at Jans


By Roz Macaskill

Some things are just meant to be. The story of how barber, Rich Drew, found a business base at Jans in Portree is proof of that.

"It's like a whole lot of individual jigsaw pieces just fitted together perfectly," Richard enthuses.

The story begins with Rich's decision to move to Skye and his search for a house. "My partner and I saw everything, from plots to run-down houses," says Rich. "Nothing ticked all the boxes until we got to the last property. We drove down a long, bumpy road and suddenly this little house appeared. We had a good look round and it just felt right - like this could be our home."

After meeting with the house sellers, it transpired that one worked at Jans hardware store. "They mentioned that Jans had been thinking of starting barber services, but that it didn't happen," Rich reveals. "I didn't think any more about it."

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Bagging up customers…instead of chasing them!

By Roz Macaskill

When Maxine Stephenson of Wheatear Textiles is asked “What brought her to Skye?” the answer may come as a surprise.
“I lived in England and I worked in retail,” she explains. “I ended up chasing a shoplifter out into the street, a coat hanger in hand and a security radio in another. I chased them into a telephone box. After that, I moved to Skye for a slower pace of life!”

These days, Maxine can be found working in her studio with her favourite fabric, Harris Tweed. As the owner of Wheatear Textiles in Glendale, she is inspired daily by the changing landscape and seasons – and the inspiration translates into handbags.

Maxine makes a range of different handbags, named after the islands where she has made her home. “I didn't want the bags to have girly names as I'm not a girly girl,” she laughs.

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The SkyeSkyns pop-up venue –YURTea&coffee - is open every day until October. starting from Easter with a variety of teas, coffees, cakes and other snacks, including ones baked to suit varying dietary requirements.

Enjoy a cup of artisan coffee whilst sitting on a sheepskin by our wood burning stove inside our seasonal pop-up tea tent YURTea&coffee.

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Floraidh Skye

At Floraidh Skye we offer traditional tweed, luxurious cashmere, softest wool and delicate silk clothing and accessories from various designers and makers throughout Scotland, the British Isles, Ireland and Italy.

Good design, high quality and provenance are important to us and we like to support small producers as well as some established names.

Ardvasar Inn joins the Eilean Iarmain family

It's more than a hotel - it's a family. Although Hotel Eilean Iarmain is arguably the biggest draw, Fearann Eilean Iarmain is also home to an art gallery, a whisky shop, plays host to a number of outdoor activities and, most recently, added a small gin distillery and the Inn at Ardvasar to the family.

Lucilla Noble is aiming to achieve a welcoming spirit at the Inn. "When visitors walk into Eilean Iarmain, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and we want to create that same warmth at the Inn, with the Linne Restaurant specialising in seafood and the MacNaMara Bar serving delicious bar meals, as well as a games room with pool tables”, she says.

"The Ardvasar Hotel dates from the early 1800's and we want to give it back a sense of its history - along with a new pizza oven!"

The whisky shop, run by Rosalyn MacLeod, is located next door to Hotel Eilean Iarmain and stocks not only the award-winning Gaelic Whiskies, but also the recently launched Gaelic Gins, distilled in a small copper still commissioned by her late husband, Sir Iain Noble.

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