On the 3rd and 4th of April, The Lump in Portree will be alive with the catchy sound of dance beats and traditional Scottish music.  Skye Live, a brand new music festival, is attracting music-lovers from all over the UK, as well as America and Europe!

Skye Live has been in the minds of organizers and local DJs, Niall Munro and Ali MacIsaac, for quite a few years now.  “We felt there has been a demand for a musical festival since the Skye Festival finished in 2007,” explains Ali. 

Both Niall and Ali have had years of hands-on experience in the music business.  Ali was previously involved in the Skye Festival and has been working as a DJ for many years.  Niall has a background in traditional music - not surprising since he is the son of Donnie Munro, the former Run-Rig singer!  Niall spent four years in Glasgow studying the music business, which dovetailed beautifully with his work as a DJ.  Since returning home, he and Ali have been working together organising various festivals on a smaller scale. 

Describing the vibe of the music as “upbeat and traditional,” Ali says: “Most of the acts have a dance beat through their music, so it will be a very up-tempo festival.”  Artists on Friday include Hot Chip (Felix Martin), Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston (a Love From Skye set), Jasper James, Ali McFly, Munroso, Ali Maclennan.  Saturday’s line-up includes Peatbog Faeries, Donnie Munro, Shooglenifty, Niteworks, Fat Suit, Amy Baillie, Sinks Ships, Doc Livingstone, Brendan Martin and Skyefall.  The afterparty on Saturday night will feature Optimi - Espacio. 

Although open to over-16’s only, the level of enthusiasm for the festival has surprised Ali and Niall.  “We didn’t quite anticipate how popular it would be,” grins Niall.  “It’s a great feeling - being able to create something that is generating excitement in the community and out-with.”  Ali agrees: “We both have a real passion for what we do, and to see the positive reaction locally and online has made us really excited.” 

Niall and Ali are aiming to create a relaxed but traditional atmosphere.  “We want people to feel it’s a fun, friendly, upbeat festival,” Ali says.  “People are coming a long way, and part of the attraction of Skye Live is that it is on Skye.  We want them to enjoy the island ambiance and the views, so they don’t have to be sealed to the festival - they can have a wander and get to know the village and feel free to come and go.” 

Utilising the dramatic, iconic location that is The Lump was a major factor in Ali and Niall’s decision to base the festival there.  “It’s a beautiful place and we think it’s very under-used,” states Niall.  “We’re going to have a lot going on.  As you walk up, we are aiming to have screens tied to the trees with visuals projected onto them, showing images of the Highland Clearances.  Visitors will be able to experience Skye’s history through the photographs and the music.”

As insurance against rain, the main stage will be under cover of a marquee.  “The Lump is quite sheltered and the amphitheatre is usually fine,” Niall says, reassuringly.  “If it was open air, it would be more risky, but since we have the cover of the marquee, it might just be a case of muddy feet!” 

So do you fancy a fun, foot-tapping experience?  If so tickets are £65.00 for the whole weekend, £30.00 for Friday and £45.00 for Saturday.  They can be ordered online at www.skyelive.scot