When you taste the culinary delights at Portree restaurant Scorrybreac, you are not only eating a meal that celebrates Skye - you are consuming art.

Because new chef, Matt Kidd, views his creations as a form of artistic self-expression.

He says: "The food is a reflection of me. I love spending my days in the kitchen. I don't need a day off as I spend so much time doing what I enjoy!"

Working at Calum Munro's restaurant, Scorrybreac, will be Matt's first venture in charge of his own kitchen. Matt will bring enthusiasm and experience to the kitchen - as his journey into the culinary world started six years ago when he was a waiter at a golf club in Glasgow. The job was intended to fund his college course in sports coaching - but ultimately changed his life forever! Matt explains: "The guys in the kitchen always seemed to be having a lot of fun. I thought that cooking seemed a really exciting thing to do."

After being invited into the kitchen at the golf club and developing a close bond with the sous-chef there, Matt went on to hone his skills at traditional French cooking. "Then, I went to work in a seafood restaurant in Norway," says Matt. "I loved working with local, fresh produce and getting a feel for the Nordic vibe."

Matt is very excited at the prospect of using Skye's local, foraged produce. "Skye creates the menu itself!" he enthuses. "I would like to try and create synergy with local suppliers and promote them as much as the dishes. I love working with seafood, such as local scallops, foraged sea herbs, langoustines and seaweed. The enjoyment of finding new produce and playing with it is amazing!"

Book your table at Scorrybreac and lose yourself in the results of Matt's love for cooking, combined with Skye's delicious natural larder.