Arainn an Eilein.  Anndra, Ciorstaidh  agus Iain

BBC ALBA’s drama series, Bannan, filmed on the Isle of Skye but based on the fictitious island community of Camus, returns in the New Year for a new series.

The first series told the story of Màiri MacDonald returning to the island home she deserted eight years previously, leaving her family, the place and its customs. She initially returned for the funeral of a family friend but the emotional ties (‘bannan’) saw her remain on the island.

In the new series, Màiri meets her estranged friend Sarah Jane (played by Angela MacKay) and seeks answers as to why she ended their friendship so suddenly as teenagers? Sarah Jane, however, isn’t keen to renew their connection, but as secrets begin to spill out, Màiri is left questioning whether she truly knows those closest to her.

Another newcomer to Camus is Isla (played by Mairi Maclennan), Sarah Jane’s niece from the city who is forced to come to the island and stay with her aunt because of her troubled mother. Isla has no interest in Camus or its people though, and it’s not long before she’s causing trouble!

Pàdruig (played by Ewen Mackinnon) is Donneil’s older brother and Doctor Eoghan’s elder son. He is a successful advocate with an abundance of cash and confidence but Pàdruig’s desire for control of the Camus Land Trust already spells friction between himself and Donneil, not least by his friendship with Donneil's ex-wide Nebhada.  Donneil sees Nebhada as a cunning competitor who will divide the community as he realises she’s in Camus to stay.

Youngsters Anndra and Ciorstaidh's relationship impacts on Iain who if forced to decide who is more important to him. With their fleeting taste of luxury, Donna and Finlay continue to lavishly splash the cash, which promises devastating consequences.

Policeman Cailean looks into Alasdair and Iseabail’s background when he encounters them acting strangely, but Iseabail finds solace through an unexpected friendship with Tormod, which gives both of them renewed confidence to actually live their lives.
Co-funded by MG ALBA and Creative Scotland, Bannan is filmed on the Isle of Skye and is produced by Chris Young  - who also created The Inbetweeners – and directed by Tony Kearney.
Bannan was the first drama series to be produced for BBC ALBA.  It debuted at the Edinburgh Film Festival last year and subsequently broadcast on the channel last autumn. It received a nomination in the drama series category at Celtic Media Festival 2015.
Produced for BBC ALBA by Young Films, Bannan series two, of five episodes, starts on Wednesday 6th January at 9pm.

Mairi agus Sarah Jane

Anndra agus Isla

Anndra, Ciorstaidh, Isla agus Iain